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I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia on February 12, 2018. This is my story.

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Hardest Update Yet

Hey guys!
The latest update is the hardest one so far. 

After three months of taking pauses from treatment and reducing the dosage of my TKI several times, we’ve been unable to stabilize my blood counts. While this is a common side effect of this type of treatment- stopping treatment for short durations and lowering dosages typically resolves this for most people, but it has not yet worked for me. My counts have failed to make any attempt to rise in three months.

Due to the severity of how low all my blood counts are and the very high risk of infection and internal bleeding this causes, we made the decision Tuesday to pause treatment again while we wait to see if they will come back up, and while my doctor consulted with another specialist to come up with a new plan.

After discussing my options with her Yesterday, We decided would give this particular drug one more try at the very lowest dose possible starting next week.

Because I’ve been unable to find stability in treatment so far, We aren’t able to determine whether the treatment is even helping fight the leukaemia, so I will be undergoing another bone marrow biopsy soon to get a status update on that as well. 

While I was hoping for better news this time around, I’m still positive that we will find the right approach for me and kick this little bugger right in the behind ?

I’m looking forward to going to London tomorrow to hang with my besties and walk the red carpet at the Country Music Association of Ontario CMA Ontario Award Show as Group or Duo of the year nominees!:)

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