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I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia on February 12, 2018. This is my story.

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Day -24

Today was so crazy, I don’t think I could have fit it all in one post, so I had to split it into a few which I will link to throughout!

I woke up today and finished up my last day at the Pink Pearl retreat which was so amazing (read the full story about Pink Pearl and my time at the retreat).

We started the day with a yoga practice, which was a BIG deal for me because of the story of my diagnosis and how I’ve connected it to yoga, and found a resistance to return to my practice (read the full story about why this practice was so important).

Next we did a seminar about Body image and Cancer that was so helpful. The host Marcy Wickett was relatable and funny and it made a hard topic easier for ecveryone. After that I headed back to Toronto to get ready for the ‘Cadence Kicks Cancers Ass‘ benefit at Rock N’ Horse in Toronto.

On the way to the venue we heard the talking about the event on the radio and I got so nervous. I’ve seen so many of these people before, but usually under different circumstances. I was so overwhelmed by the amazing weekend I had at the retreat I could barely fit any more joy into my cup.

I had found it all very overwhelming and as I walked into the event and saw all these people who had donated their time and energy and had come to support me I couldn’t help but burst into tears. It was so much to take in all at once. I definitely needed a bit of time to take it all in and reflect, but you can read my blog about the experience and check out some photos and videos here!

I had a great time grabbing some dinner with folks after the event, and I eventually came down from my joy just enough to sleep a bit before all of my big appointments tomorrow. It’s going to be another CRAZY day.

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